Natal Planets Conjunct Black Moon Lilith

Natal Planets Conjunct Black Moon Lilith
Nov 2022


Your natal chart is a snapshot of the location of the 10 planets and other bodies in the Zodiac at the exact moment you were b

orn from the location you were born at. This is a blueprint for your personality and life, and you can glean lots of information from different positions.

Once you get through the basics, one position you come to is Black Moon Lilith. How does Black Moon Lilith impact you, and what does it mean when a natal planet is conjunct, or aligned with, your natal Black Moon Lilith? [photo2] What is Black Moon Lilith in astrology? Black Moon Lilith is the apogee of the Moon, and in astrology, is a point of personal inner power. In mythology, Lilith was the first wife of Adam in the Garden of Eden, and was cast out for essentially standing up for herself, which makes this a position where we defend ourselves, know our worth, and hold our positions no matter what.

If any of your natal planets are conjunct Black Moon Lilith in your natal chart, that can elevate Lilith energy for you. [photo3] Natal Planets Conjunct Black Moon Lilith: Elevated Lilith energy is strongest when it's your natal Sun or Moon that is conjunct Black Moon Lilith since the Sun is your true self and the Moon is your emotional self. You may naturally infuse Lilith energy into your personality, and can be someone who always stands up to defend yourself or others. You may experience a lot of opposition in your life, and issues of power and control can dominate. Lilith can be similar to Pluto in that you may need to transform in some way to find your own power and know your own worth.

If your natal Mercury is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, you can be a vocal supporter of others and of your positions. Gemini is naturally ruled by Mercury and Lilith is said to naturally connect to Gemini, so you can be extra strong with your words. There can be power in your opinions and ideas, and this can come with opposition from others, but having confidence in your opinions and ideas can help.

If your natal Venus is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, this can mean Lilith's story plays out quite a bit in your relationships and dealings with others. You may be cast out quite a bit, and have to fight for your rights and power. You may be inclined to hide your Lilith energy as a result, but this ends up attracting a lot of Adams to you, people who want to control you and force you into submission. It becomes important for you to become comfortable with your power and find a softer way of taking a stand.

If your natal Mars is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, this gives a tremendous amount of energy and drive to your Lilith energy. You may have very little problem standing up for your beliefs, opinions, and ideas, and can be quite forceful when you take a position. This can come with opposition, but you can almost enjoy the fight since Mars is the warrior planet. You keep pushing through no matter what.

If your natal Ceres is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, you can be a great defender of others, extremely supportive and nurturing. You may have a big fight at some point in your life where you're defending someone else, not in a small way but something big. Your positions can have an impact on others, even if you don't realize it. You may find your greatest power lies in your ability to force others to the table and meet in the middle.

If your natal Jupiter is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, this expands on your Lilith energy since Jupiter is the planet of expansion. But Jupiter is also the happy planet, so you can be a strong defender, but in a pleasant, easy way. You can defend your positions, assert your worth, and know your power, but in a way that isn't as threatening to others. Jupiter also rules beliefs, so you can be steadfast in them.

If your natal Saturn is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, this can restrict your Lilith energy since Saturn is the planet of restriction and limitation. It can be difficult for you to stand up for yourself or find your own power, especially when young. Saturn is the planet of lessons, so there is likely an important lesson you need to learn before you can access your Lilith energy. Once you do, you can be strong, but in a practical, disciplined, and methodical way.

If your natal Uranus is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, this can make you super concerned about the future and the masses. You can take a stand in an unusual way, and embrace unconventional methods to defend your positions. Being true to yourself as an individual is crucial for you being comfortable with your Lilith energy, and as you embrace your eccentricities, you can fight for others to embrace theirs too.

If your natal Neptune is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, you can be much softer and quiet when it comes to taking a stand and defending your positions. It may not be very outward or loud, but you can find your place in the background or when others aren't paying attention. You may encounter someone at some point who takes away your power, usually when you're young, and you may sacrifice yourself for them. Once you get through that, you can strengthen yourself spiritually, and this helps you find your own quiet ways of defending.

If your natal Pluto is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, this merges powerful Pluto with powerful Lilith, and you can be quite the powerful, forceful person when it comes to your positions and power. There can be something very formidable about you when you take a stand. But you may encounter a tremendous amount of opposition, and have many fights over control throughout your life. Someone may have dominated you when young, and this leads to you being so forceful later, but you may need to work on learning the art of compromise.

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