Shopping Inspiration – Your Scorpio Gift Guide…

Shopping Inspiration – Your Scorpio Gift Guide…
Oct 2022

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irthday Presents For Scorpio - Does Not Include A Spooky Skull!
We're headed right into Scorpio season so check out this handy gift guide for your friends, lover(s) and family members who fall under the sign of the scorpion...
Still struggling? I've got some recommendations ready for you, should you want to use the stars as your guide...
Show Me Some Snakeskin...

Bags Of Style...
Who likes this bag? Me! And your Scorpio friend will too. With Scorpio seeing over creatures such as lizards, snakes and the Scorpion (course!) they'll love anything that's tessellatingly textured.
Check out The Onie Messenger Bag[photo2].
Guaranteed python print will go down well, especially in Scorpio's signature colours, black and crimson. Bags or wallets are good for these ladies because they're private people, so they'll like to keep their personals close.
See the Anna Zip Front Clutch.
Burn Baby, Burn!
Turn The Lights Down Low
Typical Scorps like to transform their home into a very private sanctuary. A candle helps set a suitable mood, these crimson candles should chime with their decor choices...
Clockwise from top ? Laura Mercier Signature Candle ? Fornasetti Bacio Candle ? diptyque Tubereuse Scented Candle ? Diptyque Baies Scented Candle ? Ortigia Melograno Cone Candles ?
Take Stock...
The zodiac sign Scorpio is intrinsically connected to other peoples money so stocks and shares could make an interesting gift. You never know, they could turn a tidy profit and because they're loyal, they'll probably buy you something super special back!
Oh The Occult!
People with a strong Scorpio in their chart will often be drawn to alternative subjects, like the occult, tarot, even witchcraft, especially those with Mercury in Scorpio too! A good gift, if you think your friend is this way inclined, is a pack of tarot cards, which should traditionally given, not bought. Check out The Essential Tarot Kit: Book at Amazon.[photo7]
Another passion of Scorpio is a good whodunnit murder mystery, so an Agatha Christie or detective novel will whet their whistle, or head to the new 'Painful Lives' section at Waterstones for seriously Plutonic themed literature or Blackwell Books.
Scents For Scorpio
What's Your Poison? Monica Bellucci, Neptune conjunct the Midheaven in Scorpio...
Scents are always a welcome gift - if you can get it right. Picking a perfume can be tricky but if your pal is a typical Scorp buy in line with the stars! How about the new 'sensual fragrance' from Scorpio designer Roberto Cavalli, Nero Assoluto. Or something from birthday sign buddy Calvin Klein? One half of D&G - Stefano Gabbana is Sun in Scorpio too and Intense is my top perfume pick! How about super strong Black Orchid from Scorpio rising, Tom Ford? Yum. Now there's some choice for you. Failing that ensure they'll want the bottle on their dressing table. Dior Hypnotic Poison, or Bvlgari Jasmin Noir will do...
Sense Of Seduction
See Me In Suspenders!
To know a Scorpio is to know they're super-super sexy, just look at Katy Perry, Alexia Chung, Demi Moore, Chloe Sevigny and Julia Roberts - they're all smokin'. If your Scorpio simply isn't smouldering beneath the surface you might want to check their passport, as they're clearly lying about their zodiac sign (perhaps they're angling for an early birthday present? How long have you known them?!) Check out Agent Provocateur and Boux Avenue for inspiration, a suitable gift for both men and women...
For A Little Scorpio
I Spy...
Scorpio is the super sleuth of the zodiac, they love unearthing secrets and weeding out lies! Your little Scorpio buddy will delight in a Spy Kit, you could even theme a birthday party around a cool detective agency scene!
L-R ? Seedling Secret Spy Kit ? Spy Master Briefcase[photo11]
? Spy Kit By Nest ?
Fashion & Accessories For Scorpio
Flowers and fragrance for Scorpio...

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A fail safe to make anyone smile, flowers and fragrance are always a winner. Scorpio has rulership over chrysanthemum, so create a bouquet to delight them.
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Jewelry For Scorpio

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